Indoor Lighting

Our team of electricians can help with installing any kind of indoor lighting- from feature pedants, to LED strip lighting under cabinets or handrails, through to LED downlight replacements and installs. We can provide advice as to which type of lighting will work best for your space, as well as determine the quantity required depending on the lux calculation for the room.

Our preferred lighting supplier is Switch Lighting, a New Zealand company, whose downlights come with a 5 year warranty, are fantastic quality and have a high lifetime hours rating. 
There are a range of downlights to suit every budget- from standard fittings Switch Lighting Dome to a range of high tech styles and purposes including low glare, art lighting, tilting, not to mention features such as sunset dimming. Switch Lighting Zela.

Outdoor Lighting

As well as indoor lighting, our electricians can install or replace any outdoor lighting across Auckland. Whether you need something as simple as a sensor light by the front door, security lighting around the property, or lighting for new landscaping, we can help. 

Outdoor lighting is an often overlooked feature for outdoor spaces such as the driveway, spa, garden and entertaining areas. Whether it's to help with summer entertaining or winter darkness, lighting has the ability to make or break the beauty and function of your space at night. 

We can also supply light fittings from a range of lighting suppliers which makes the job as stress free as possible for you, and we honour the supplier warranty on the lights. 

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