Switchboard Upgrades/Replacements

A switchboard upgrade is one of the best things you can do to increase the safety of your home, especially if you still have old fuse wires. We have over ten years experience in upgrading residential switchboards & meter boxes for clients all over Auckland. A switchboard replacement in the same location is usually between $1500-$2500+gst depending on your existing board.

All switchboard upgrades include circuit breakers which trip in the event of a fault, and are easy to re-set with the flick of a lever; as well as RCD protection (residual current device) which most boards prior to 2000's don't have. RCDs protect against electric shock by turning off the power if contact is made with live parts. 

A new switchboard is also a great time to install additional protection equipment such as surge protection, which protects against over voltage spikes which is especially important if you have any sensitive electronics. There are also arc fault protection devices that can be installed (AFDD) which protect against risk from weak electrical connections such as old wiring, or something as simple as a poorly plugged in phone charger or multi box which can continually arc and eventually catch fire. 

On top of all the added safety benefits a new switchboard is usually able to be flush mounted with the wall, which means no more sticking out into the room. Check out our before and after pictures for an example. 

So for an aesthetic, safer and easier to use switchboard get in touch with us for an estimate. 

House Rewiring

Is your home older than 1980? It may have old cables such as VIR (Vulcanised Indian Rubber), TRS (Tough Rubber Sheath) which are rubber cables that are often at the end of their service life. As they deteriorate the insulation can start crumbling which can short circuit and lead to a fire. 

Ideally all VIR and TRS cables should be replaced as soon as possible with modern TPS cable. If you haven't yet had your wiring checked key signs that your cables may be due for replacement include: flickering lights or power points that don't keep the plug in very well. 

If you aren't sure it's always best to have the cables checked by an electrician, we can let you know the type, age and condition of the cables and advise whether an upgrade is recommended. 

Our team of electricians have years of experience with house rewires all across Auckland. We have a large enough team to get your rewire done as quickly as possible to ensure minimal disruption for your family, and can get the power back on each night in most situations, so that you can stay in the house. A full re-wire usually takes 2-4 days depending on the size of the house. 

Get in touch to book your switchboard upgrade or rewire