Our team of electricians can advise on what type of ventilation is best for your home, whether it be a simple extractor fan in the bathroom for shower steam, a kitchen rangehood, or a full home Smart Vent system for condensation. 

We are well versed in the requirements for the Healthy Homes standard for rental properties and can install extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom which comply with the standard. (Click to read the Healthy Homes ventilation standard)

If you have crying windows throughout the house, as opposed to just a steamy bathroom, we strongly recommend having a ducted positive pressure system install to reduce condensation. We can install Smart Vent home ventilation systems, such as the Positive2 which we recommend for older homes, and Synergy2 for new homes. You can also add multiple features onto a Smart Vent system such as heat transfer or summer functions. (Click to read more about Smart Vent)


We can provide advice and install a wide range of heating products for your home. Whether it be a simple wall heater to take the chill off a room or a heat pump to provide warmth in the winter and cooling in the summer. 

The most cost effective and efficient way to heat your home electrically is with a heat pump. We can install both high wall and split system heat pumps for your home, or for your rental to comply with the Healthy Homes standard. (Click to read the Healthy Homes heating standard). 

Our preferred heat pump brand is Mitsubishi Electric as they are high quality, look great, and are one of the quietest options. We have completed Mitsubishi Electric installer training, so you can be assured your install will be of a high quality. Click here for Mitsubishi Electric heat pump options

We also install underfloor heating for bathrooms. This can be a great way to give your bathroom a cosy feeling, no one likes cold tiles in the morning!

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